NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover

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You may think of reading science news as a kind of pleasure in solitude, but I have news for you: you are not alone. Right now, maybe someone else is reading the same editor’s note, or the story about the mysterious ways the coronavirus affects people’s minds, or maybe how wild donkeys and horses dig wells of water that many turn off. the thirst of living things, even a visiting researcher.

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It is not just propaganda. Between our leading print magazine and the millions of people who read us online (24 million website users in 2020), as well as students and teachers from more than 5,000 schools in our high school program, you have plenty of company. Good company too. Our readers are a knowledgeable team and they don't hesitate to tell us when we've made a mistake (thank you!), Ask questions, or add perspective to an article. And while, like any news organization, we get our share of spiel at random, opening your comment inbox ( never fails to delight me. Take a recent letter from Judith Shea, who wrote in response to our special report on the science of misinformation, including the long history of vaccine attacks.

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We also get stories directly from scientists who have a place on the front lines of science, including A.K. about our feature on developing video calls. Also included is a recent note from Michael Knoll. He worked on video conferencing technology development in the 1970s, and even contributed to the videophone sequence in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. And we're always excited when Benny Rietveld's name pops up in our inbox.

A fast radio telescope 201

He is not only a lifelong reader (subscribed, as he points out, “before the Internet”), but also the bassist of the legendary band Santana. His latest missile drew criticism from a “damage” headline due to vaccinations. “Personally, I want everyone to read the article, and making an immediate decision on the title risks alienating potential readers who may have an anti-vax stance to begin with.” Good point, Mr. Rietveld. Keep writing and thanks for the music!

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Nancy Schutt is the editor-in-chief of the Science News Media Group. Before that, she was an editor for NPR and US News & World Report, and a contributor to National Geographic and Scientific American. She is the former president of the National Association of Scientific Writers.

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